Official Rules

Student Eligibility: Any student, graduate or undergraduate, currently enrolled in a degree-seeking program or within six months of graduating from such a program is eligible to represent a university and/or business school at the discretion of that school’s faculty coach of their Knightley Cup Team.

Team Size: All enrolled students are eligible at the discretion of the Team’s Faculty Coach and Captains. Each Team has 3 Team Captain Roles, but multiple roles may be filled by the same person. Each team is required to have a faculty or administration member of the university serving as a Team Coach to be eligible for the prize.

Outside Contact / Getting Help: Teams may seek advice from pretty much anyone and are allowed to collaborate with members of other teams. Firm to Firm collaboration and deal sharing is a big part of the Venture Capital ecosystem, and while it is not mandatory, it is fair in the Knightley Collegiate Cup.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement): Just like in VC Firms, each team is responsible for developing their own policing on signing NDAs and managing private information. Leaking information on purpose or accidental could lead to irreparable damage to your team’s brand and have consequences beyond this year’s Cup.

Regular Season: Opening Day is January 2, 2022 and the Regular Season will conclude on May 28, 2022 at midnight EST. Institutions will be eligible to join the Cup throughout the entirety of the season.

Scoring: There are 5 ways to score points for your team in the Regular Season.

  • Sourcing a Company +100: This means that the company entered your team’s pipeline and shared their information directly.
  • Investment Memo +1,000: Students will author or co-author an investment memo outlining their analysis of the market, technology, and opportunity using the Knightley Investment Memo Templates.
  • Angel Subscriber +1,000 Students will build an angel network of alums, parents, faculty, and ecosystem players that are interested in the investment opportunities sourced by the team. The angel must be subscribed at the conclusion of the Regular Season to be counted towards your final tally.
  • Deal Funded +10,000: For every investment opportunity that receives an investment of more than $10,000 from the team’s angel group.
  • Deal Funded Bonus +250: for every $1,000 invested; For every $1,000 dollars invested into a deal sourced and prepared by the team, you’ll receive 250 additional bonus points.

University Permissions: By forming a team in the Knightley Collegiate Cup and uploading institutional names and logos, members of the institution grant permissions to Knightley, Inc. to use these names and logos in our contest.

Substitutes/Replacing Team Captains and Coaches: Teams may substitute or replace team captains and their coach at any time throughout the season at their own discretion.

Regular Season Prize Money: It is the responsibility of the winning team to follow up within 14 days with Knightley, Inc. to finalize the $10,000 Knightley Prize or it may be forfeited. It is our expectation that the winning team will already have agreed terms dividing the prize internally.

It is worth repeating, it is the winning team’s responsibility to follow up with Knightley, Inc. within 14 days.

Distribution of Startup Materials: You should act like a VC would. If you get a reputation for not being trustworthy with founder materials, then your deal flow will hurt and you’ll have a tougher time retaining angels in your syndicate. Asking permission is always a good idea.

Due Diligence with Entrepreneurs: There are no restrictions on what teams may ask of entrepreneurs during the sessions. Like a fund, you’ll need to adapt to the norms of the industry and run a competitive process to get allocation in these deals for your LPs.

Publicity: All participants agree to allow Knightley, Inc. to use their names and likenesses for the purpose of promoting the Knightley Collegiate Cup in the future. You may have your information removed from websites upon request.

Sportsmanship: It shall be the responsibility of each student to obey and support the enforcement of these rules and the spirit of the competition. If the Commissioner deems that the behavior of the fund or individuals is in poor sportsmanship, they have the power to deduct points and disqualify individuals from competition.

Dispute Resolution: All decisions by the Knightley Collegiate Cup Commissioner are final. For complaints, questions, concerns or to report possible rules violations, you may contact the Commissioner and Knightey Collegiate Cup Team. These rules may be revised at any time if the purpose of the revision is made in the interest of fairness for all competitors. Revisions will be communicated to all participants as quickly and fairly as possible.